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About Us

We are, an advertising technology company that connects entrepreneurs like you to shoppers on the most watched TV streaming platforms.


We too are entrepreneurs, and we are committed to make advertising channels, such as streaming tv and digital video accessible to companies big and small. We want your business to grow by growing the number of customers you can reach.


TV screens are quite powerful. They allow you to tell your story, create awareness for your products and most importantly drive sales.


We make it simple to take video content and stream it across the most watched platforms on thousands of devices and homes.


Your own data allows to our technology to identify new customers that are seeking products like yours. is a self-serve platform that empowers you to choose when, how and who your tv advertising gets served to.


Our technologies make those ads clickable direct to your ecommerce experience and deliver results and data back to you. You can count on that.

About us

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