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Your brand on TV in just a few clicks

Grow your brand and your sales,

reaching millions of shoppers with CTV advertising.

Reach your shoppers on television with as little as $50 per day empowers businesses like yours to reach customers on screens usually only available to large brands. 

Our platform is simple yet sophisticated. It has been developed by technology, marketing and business experts who understand the value of audiences, messaging, and the importance of growing your business.


We are an advertising platform that guides you through the steps and delivers results all in one place. We remove the barriers to advertising on tv screens.


Get your brand on TV in 3 simple steps

Target viewers based on their interests, geography, in-market status, and more.

Drag and drop your videos and images for easy upload.

Leverage automated QR codes and retargeting to drive more conversions.

Choose an audience

Add Creative

Define Call-To-Actions




What everyone’s watching

Get your brand in front of millions of consumers using devices like Roku, Amazon Fire, game consoles, mobile, and Apple TV to watch streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Peacock, Pluto, Sling, and many others. Streaming matters more than ever since it has officially topped cable as the most popular method by which Americans consume television content.


Find your customers

Targeting increases the success of your advertising campaigns by allowing you to target customers by their interests, shopping habits and even using your own data. We utilize the smartest technology to properly gather data on millions of shoppers and ensure that your message is communicated to the right audience each time. Our advanced targeting capabilities let you choose different audiences for each campaign or product.


Connect your store

With’s Shopify app you’ll be able to drive buyers directly to your store like never before. Installing the app is super easy and free. Just add the app to your account in the Shopify App Store, and you’ll be up and running in no time. Once added, our app will allow you to choose which pages or products you want your ads to take customers to, and will take care of the rest, from auto-generated QR codes to activity tracking and conversion reports. 



Close the sale

We make it possible for consumers to respond to your message and buy! Simply put, converts viewers of your ad into customers of your product and services. We connect your message to those who are most likely to purchase, at the exact time they are most like to purchase. Our tools, including the QR codes added to each video advertisement, effectively increase the rate at which customers reach your products.


Measure your success

For each campaign you run on, we will track the performance and report on metrics such as the number of impressions served, how many views your video received, how many potential customers have clicked on your ads, and where your messages are being delivered. We track performance to provide the metrics that help you analyze your marketing campaign.


Accuracy across devices

Our technology works behind the scenes of your campaigns to understand and analyze sales. allows you to attribute a sale on your online shop to a campaign and device. We know when a customer saw your ad via a campaign and then went to your shop and took action.


Created for you was developed to be a self-serve platform that guides you through easy step. We too are business owners and understand the value of time. At each step there are instructions and clear tips to increase the success of the campaign. Provide us with a few simple items and let us know what your goals are, we will do the rest.



Tell them again

We know that customers don’t always buy right away. Our retargeting capabilities allow us to capture information on those who may have already seen or clicked on your ad and target them with additional messages across the devices they use. We help close the loop and convert sales.


The only TV advertising technology designed specifically for your needs.

We know how important your Shopify store is to your business. The platform works with Shopify to better understand your customers and reach many more potential shoppers with similar habits across tv screens.

By adding the app to your Shopify account, we can increase your sales and convert customers. 

Our technology recognizes the products in your store and allows you to create advertising campaigns that drive customers directly to specific products or services. We use the data collected by your Shopify store to better understand which audiences will more likely become new customers and buy your products.

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